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Booking the McNulty Dancers
You're planning a one-of-a-kind event.  Why settle for run-of-the-mill entertainment?
The McNulty Irish Dancers will captivate your audience with the beautiful, powerful dances of Ireland.  In exquisite costumes, exhibiting talent beyond their years, our young dancers will make a lasting impression on your guests.  We offer a range of performances to meet the distinct needs and demanding tastes of our presenters:
                • Concerts
                • Corporate Events
                • Traditional Shows
                • Weddings
                • Educational Programs

  Our Never Fail Guarantee
By booking the McNulty Irish Dancers, you never need worry about a "no show".  We do not accept bookings unless and until we are 100% confident that we have dancers to meet your needs.  We are proud of our unblemished record of contract fulfillment and promises kept.  You can count on us.  Period.

  To request booking information please call 224-639-8644

Our touring Performance Troupe - comprised of our most experienced and talented dancers - is available for full-length concerts and very special appearances.  Our most popular shows feature Chicago's favorite Celtic bands accompanying the dancers.  These performances are unique for their balance of music and dance - offering powerful and captivating dance numbers, but keeping the intimate feel of a friendly gathering around an old familiar hearth.

Drawing on the popularity of Riverdance, our concerts appeal to a much broader audience than simply Celtic and folk music fans.  College audiences, families, and adults of all ages just love our concerts!

 Corporate Events
There is nothing like a lively performance of Irish dancers to attract attention to your trade show booth or spark life into your sales conference gala.  We can tailor a performance to meet your needs - whether that is a 10-minute "wake me up" interactive session to kick off the day, an hour-long program at dinner, or a full day of entertainment at a trade show.  Talk to us about how we can contribute to the success of your next big event.

  Traditional Shows
Perfect for clubs, libraries, church functions, retirement homes, local festivals and parties.  Your audience will find it hard to sit still as our youth dancers (age 7 and up) perform lively jigs, reels, and other favorites in the Irish soft and heavy shoes.

Typically 20-30 minutes long, the shows can be extended to offer interactive demonstrations for the audience.  (This is especially powerful if there are children in the audience).  Of course, we will tailor the length of show and number of performers to satisfy your needs.  Additionally, we provide an informed announcer to introduce the dances performed.

Let The McNulty Irish Dancers add a touch of Celtic magic to your special day!  Your family and friends will be delighted by a short performance of our talented youth dancers.  These appearances are most often 10-15 minutes long, and feature experienced youth dancers.  Want to surprise your guests (or the bride and groom)?  No problem.  Just let us know and we will work discreetly to plan this special entertainment experience.

  Educational Programs

We also offer presentations on topics related to Irish dance, and our teachers are available for on-site dance workshops.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities!